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Part 1: Personal Details.

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Part 2: Further Education and Training - most recent first including any relevant part time courses or training.

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Part 3: Employment history (if relevant) most recent first including any relevant work experience, voluntary work, etc..

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Part 4: Career Intentions.

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Part 5: Purpose of award - course or project details. Please include details of financial outgoings.

*Purpose of award
(Give the full details of any course or project that you intend to undertake)

Part 6: Referees.

You are required to provide two referees in support of your application. These referees should be the Head of your College of further Education; and/or a senior representative of the organisation for which you worked while obtaining practical experience of engineering. The Trust will contact your referees, and you are asked to point out to them that references will always be required.
Referee 1.
Referee 2.

Important notes.

By submitting this form you agree to pursue the project to the best of your ability and to act in the best interests of engineering, industry and society and allow the trustees to follow your progress if your application is successful. You also declare that all the information provided here is accurate..
Sections 4 and 5 are important for assessing an application, please ensure these sections have sufficient detail