Bernard Butler

Bernard Butler

Bernard was one of the founding fathers of the Institution of Works and Highways Management when it was formed in 1938. He served as President for the 1954 / 55 term and was Treasurer for many years. During a reorganisation of the Institutions affairs in 1984 Bernard returned to serve in office and was elected to his old post as Treasurer.

In 1984 the Institutions reserves were at a very low ebb however, since this time Bernard's expert guidance and intimate knowledge of the financial markets (he insisted he was not an expert) resulted in the accumulation of substantial funds by 1992.

Mr Butler said at the time 'I enjoyed a busy and satisfying career in Municipal Engineering and know the services it provides are essential to modern life. Now I am concerned about the future and worried not enough young people are entering the Engineering Profession. So we agreed, when the IWHM merged its learned society activities with the ICE, to use its assets to do something to help'

Bernard continued his active participation in the Trust until he was 103 years old. Sadly he passed away in January 2018 at the grand old age of 106.

In 2019 it is apparent the Trust has run its course and is to be closed therefore no further applications are being considered.