The IWHM Bernard Butler Trust Fund.

The Trust was established in 1998 from the assets of the Institution of Works and Highways Management after the merger of it's professional activities with the Institution of Civil Engineers in 1994.

Aims of the Trust

The Trust was established to continue to promote the ideals first established by the founders of the IWHM in 1938 and to ensure their legacy is perpetuated for the benefit of those to come.

Incorporated into the Memorandum of Association of the Institution was the following statement:

"Promotion and advancement of the science and practice of Engineering with particular relation to the municipal, public and private sectors of the building, public works and civil engineering construction industry and with regard thereto to improve the standard of safety and the quality of engineering processes and methods of construction"

The intention of the trustee's is to endeavor to stand by the statement and to further the interests of those people involved in activities that include the following:

The awards are extremely wide ranging and are intended to encourage men and women engaged in the engineering field to improve their education, training and professional standing together with aiding and promoting individuals or organisations involved in schemes relating to the advancement of engineering training, safety and improved methods of working.